As for this point, in Winamp you can only use one DSP/Effect at a time. If you want to use the Readjusting Amplification Controller, select

"Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP vx.xx (dsp_sps.dll)"

in your context menu->Options>Preferences\DSP/Effect menu. To adjust it doubleclick it. Switch On '[] Enable processing'!

You see four sliders. All are nonlinear.

controller defaults (0..10): 7,3.4,1.2,4

The MakeUp-slider controls how fast amplification will be adjusted according to the multimediafile's quietness.
TimeMaxA: Speed of amplification-Increase to compensate normalizeing levels.
Volume: Master volume control just like the master volume control of Winamp to compensate RAC amplification gain and to avoid high output starting the RAC.
Compress: Maximum amplification at silent passages. This slider limits static.