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SFM (SafeFileManager)

SafeFileManager is a file manager that copies or moves files and directory trees and checks whether these transfers completed correctly to the last bit and tries again and again if not. All works automatically. If you are moving files, they will be deleted from source directory only if verified correctly. Supports unlimited panes. Remembers directory locations. Limits transfer speeds if you like. Languages at the moment: English/German.

You can download the SafeFileManager here. Please choose one package below. If unsure, just download and run the "SafeFileManager_v1.02_Installer.exe" file. You will be guided through the installation process.

Click to download:


The alternative jar file is for experienced users only:


If unsure, go to the installation info.

Read the documentation for the advanced usage.

Award, review and usage video on

Windows 8 compatible

SafeFileManager is Windows 8 compatible

Need to transfer Gigabytez of Movies, Software, Music? Don't want to loose a bit? Need to rescue files from a damaged CD? Need to know which network path is safe? SafeFileManager will do all the trying and copying for you. Get a complete log which files failed how often. Know what is done and what files give you trouble. Get the SafeFileManager now. One Terabyte is completely free. After that, you are legally required to get a license. The software will continue to work for ever but please be so kind to pay.

This is a piece of software to keep your file collections intact. Don't loose your precious files while sorting or moving them.

We will develop the software further and we are very happy if you send us your suggestions for improvements or point to bugs we may have missed to eliminate. Please mail to what, for example, you would need or expect from a safe file manager or any file manager.

If you are familiar with java, you can download the jar file only. To run it, you must have installed at least jre7 on your system. You can use it on Mac, Linux or Windows.